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Would you like to find out more about the A&K MINI wallet? Here you can find tests and reviews from YouTubers and bloggers. Check out the videos or read a blog article.


My loyal companion for over two years: A&K MINI - a big little piece of gold

[...] the small vegan wallet of the Berlin label has become a really big one for me. And that's not just due to the chic design and the loving details. The gold-colored A&K MINI has been with me every step of the way since summer 2019, regardless of whether it's in my pocket or shoulder bag. All important documents and IDs such as tickets or ID cards can easily be stored here, the elastic band has not lost any of its elasticity even after 700 days. Only my tendency to pay by card has increased, as my dexterity when picking out change in the coin compartment is limited. With less to more - at Anders & Komisch more than a promise. read article

Crowdfunding in Japan

Love at first sight with a small, minimalist wallet made of vegan leather!

Translated with Google Translate: [...] It is not only compact, its unique shape also makes it comfortable to hold. The type of wallet that is fastened with an elastic band also exists in Japan, but I've never come across anything with such a high design and warmth.
This wallet is compact, but it's strange that it can hold not only bills but also around 10 cards and coins. I find the storage of coins of this size to be pretty amazing. It's packed with lots of little gimmicks. View crowdfunding

Blog post from Japan

I fell in love with a small wallet at first sight

Translated with google translate: I have never seen the leather bags handcrafted by local artisans and the fashion brands that have just hit the market and that cannot be bought in Japan, and it was an irresistible place for me as a shopping lover. Eventually I came across a "little wallet" that I fell in love with at first sight and said, "This is ...!". [...] It is a completely handmade German wallet made of rubber, paper and sewing thread. I also bought a metal key holder plate which I will introduce later. The size and color that are comfortable to hold and the combination of different materials are so cute that I immediately decided to buy it. read article


ANDERS & KOMISCH wallet card holder

What do smartphones, cars and sneakers have in common? They keep getting bigger and wider! Anders & Komisch prove that it can also be done the other way round - yes, they really are called that! - from Berlin with her wallet. We're totally into it. The smaller the luggage, the freer and more comfortable you feel when you are out and about. This is also the case with this mini wallet. Each and every one of these incredibly handy wallets is handcrafted using local materials. Short transport routes, close cooperation with local companies and sustainable materials - these are the things the Berlin label pays particular attention to. It starts with the packaging design. read article


Very clever! Slim wallet "AK Mini" with key holder from Anders & Komisch

Great concept and great workmanship! Slim Wallet "AK Mini" with key holder (Key Organizer) by "Anders & Komisch" - Absolute alternative to the iClip!
[...] A total of up to 12 plastic cards fit into the slim wallet. These can be easily removed and fanned out in the wallet. There is also a coin compartment. Up to approx. 10 euros can be stowed here in 1-2 euros pieces without any problems. This compartment is secured with a tab. In addition, further receipts, parking tickets or other banknotes can be inserted here. The manufacturer offers a "key holder card" as an add-on (optional). This can simply be plugged into the smart wallet and then supplemented with a key ring. With this "add-on", the most important keys can then be attached directly to the slim wallet. Very clever! Open in YouTube

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