About us

ANDERS & KOMISCH was founded in 2017 and started as a local Berlin label at markets and trade fairs. We now sell online in over 20 countries. 

What do we do differently?

We don't invent new things, but we redesign everyday products. Always under the aspect of making it as sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair as possible. Our vision is to manufacture our products as locally as possible in order to think about our future and the environment. 


With a little rethinking, research and energy, we try to ensure more sustainability. 
For us personally, that means, preferably a little less - but produced fairly and with high quality. 


Who is behind the name? 

The decision to call us ANDERS & KOMISCH has nothing to do with our products. (Literally translated ANDERS & KOMISCH means different & funny.)  
We, the founders, named ourselves Mr. Anders and Mrs. Komisch as part of a personal joke, thus the name. However we like the name very much and it also makes many of our customers smile. Nice that you are here and thank you for your trust!


The idea 

It all started with the A&K MINI wallet. In search of a new, small wallet with a coin compartment and the awareness that we no longer want a large, classic wallet, we finally decided - we design our wallet ourselves.
Small format. Simple design. Local production - these were our requirements and we held the first A&K MINI made in Berlin in our hands for the first time in December 2017.

We wanted to rethink the wallet and adapt it to today's requirements. The number of cards should be as flexible as possible. Thanks to the strong, wide elastic band on the side, the A&K MINI works with just one card, and also with up to 12 cards. So it adapts individually to your content and the corners of the cards are protected.

With us you buy locally and not only support a Berlin label, but also local businesses. All of our products and materials are produced in Germany. Our suppliers are located less than 500 km from Berlin, i.e. your A&K product has a relatively short transport route behind it.

DESIGN - Back to the simple! 

Trying out new things and looking for smart solutions, according to the motto: "keep it simple - make it work", arouse great enthusiasm in us.

QUALITY of our products

We know our producers personally and do not manufacture mass-produced goods. All products are lovingly handcrafted and put through their paces before shipping and packaging. 

SERVICE - We are happy when you are happy.

We can be reached and are happy to receive suggestions and questions. We are also there if you are not satisfied. Just write us a message.


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