Everything starts with the choice of materials and the sources of supply. 

We at ANDERS & KOMISCH rely on a reduced design philosophy with clever solutions for everyday needs. Short transport routes, close cooperation with local companies and sustainable materials - these are our ingredients. All products are handcrafted in Berlin and the surrounding area.


Slow fashion: 

  • We make conscious and sustainable decisions out of respect for people and the environment.
  • We use recyclable materials that come from environmentally friendly production and are made in Germany.
  • Small footprint thanks to a short supply and production chain
  • Fair working conditions of regional origin

What materials do we use?

The decision to use a leather substitute came from our guts. Leather is a robust, good material, but it comes from the animal - and we made a conscious decision against it. We think there are equivalent and many alternative substances nowadays. So much has happened in fashion and many products that used to be made of leather are no longer made today - let's just think of shoes, bags or trousers.
The leather-like paper or often referred to as "vegan leather" in parlance has a unique texture, is vegan and biodegradable. The material is free from harmful substances and only 0.5 mm thick. This makes it extremely light, but it is characterized by its durability and is produced in Germany. You will have many years of pleasure with the A&K wallets.
The paper artificial leather is water-resistant and, with use, gets a wonderful patina with a special characteristic - similar to animal leather. The same material is often used for jeans labels, book bindings, suitcases, furniture and much more.

For the bag, we opted for robust waxed cotton from England. The coated fabric has a characteristic used look, is water-repellent and the lighter crease lines are a typical feature of the Oilskin.

Environmentally friendly packaging
When it comes to packaging, too, it was important to us to produce as little waste as possible, so that we designed it ourselves and managed without plastic. We have the packaging produced directly in Berlin.


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