We are a Berlin label and produce wallets and bags by hand with great attention to detail. With us you will find product quality before business volume. We work with regionally based companies to keep the transport routes as short as possible. If possible, we also source our materials regionally. You can find detailed information about this on the respective product pages.   




small. light. different.

The A&K KOMPAKTs, A&K MINIs and A&K TINYs are available in many colors - you can find even more colors in the shop


Looking for a small purse with a coin and card compartement?

A purse has always been more than a container to transport money. For many, it was a photo album of people who were particularly close to your heart. An archive in which important business cards and telephone numbers were kept. We often hear at trade fairs "I carry half my life in my wallet“, but we also notice - there is a rethinking. Many of you no longer want to drag around a bulky wallet and realize that don’t need that much.


Reasons for a credit card sized wallet

What used to be in the wallet can now be found on the cell phone. Many of the documents are no longer in the old format and are available in credit card size or even accessible on a smartphone - so you can reduce your wallet without having to restrict yourself. So why should a wallet still be big?


Three models

We have three models to choose from: The A&K MINI, our well thought-out bestseller with a coin compartment and optional key ring. The A&K KOMPAKT, big enough for vehicle papers (cm x cm, inch x inch), but still extremely light and handy. And the slim wallet, the A&K TINY, for purists who only need a few cards and notes.




DESIGN - thought-out aesthetics


Our products are well thought out, functional, suitable for everyday use and aesthetically pleasing. Unusually ordinary things with a "tool character". We concentrate on the essentials and nothing is left to chance. It starts with the manufacture of the materials.




We produce in Germany in cooperation with regional companies. Our DNA starts with the short transport routes up to high quality in production. Everything is printed, punched, stored and sewn in and around Berlin.


MATERIALS - light. robust. water-resistant.


All wallets are made of kraft paper and elastic rubber band. Kraft paper is used on labels on the back of jeans, it is water-resistant and, like leather, gets a patina with usage. It is made from a vegetable wood pulp and rubber polymer. The material is a bit stiff at first and becomes pliable with use.


A&K KOMPAKT, A&K MINI and A&K TINY size comparison - you can find more colors in the shop

We use three materials for the A&K MINI, A&K KOMPAKT and A&K TINY: paper leather, elastic bands and thread. The materials used are produced in the vicinity of Berlin (less than 500 km away). This has the advantage that you partly know each other personally, and secondly that the transport routes are kept as short as possible.

The paper compound consists of 70% wood pulp and of 30% rubber polymer, it is free of pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA. The tear-resistant and water-repellent paper leather has FSC® and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. With use it becomes supple, feels like leather and gets a patina. If it should get wet, it’s no problem.

A&K MINI wallet

is the ideal companion for every day in summer and winter, on vacation, traveling, doing sports and partying. You have everything on you and it finds a place everywhere - in the pocket or in the smallest handbag. Not much bigger than a credit card, but still room for cards, bills and change. While others are still carrying their large wallets around, you know exactly what you need and have all the important means of payment with you in the smallest of formats. Therefore, you are well organized on your next trip, during work or during sports.

Despite the content - minimalist on the way
Card wallet with coin compartment and quick access for notes

Card slot 1 - 12 cards
The A&K MINI is hardly bigger than bank cards


Properties A&K MINI


with coin compartment

for 1 - 12 credit cards

available in many colors

18 g/ 0.6 oz light - That is about two € 2 coins 1 cm/ 0.4 inch thin- As high as two stacked coins

9 x 5.5 cm small (3.5 x 2.2 inches) - hardly larger than a credit card

4 compartments– A lot fits in there: 1 - 12 credit cards, change in its own coin compartment and notes in the front slot or in the flap compartment opposite the change (folded)

Innovative materials – tear-proof, waterproof and washable by hand, vegan, extremely light and robust.

Handcraft made in Berlin & the surrounding area - all wallets are sustainably handcrafted and we source the materials from the area

Every A&K MINI wallet is unique

optional RFID protection – optionally possible with our blocker card

Optional key attachment option  - 1-3 keys can be attached with our optional key card



A&K KOMPAKT wallet

You like to keep track of things. All of your payment methods can be accessed quickly and easily, and your vehicle registration document (10,5 x 7,2 cm / 3.9 x 2.8 inches) fits, too. With the A&K KOMPAKT you are very light on the move due to the material. Thanks to the accordion principle, you can see directly what you have with you.

A&K KOMPAKT with replaceable elastic
Space for 1-12 cards in 2 compartments


big enough for vehicle papers
Bills do not have to be folded


Properties A&K KOMPAKT


with coin compartment in different colors

32 g/ 1.13 oz light

12.0 x 8.0 x 0.9 cm thin (4.72 x 3.15 x 0.35 inches)

2 compartments for up to 12 cards (total) (insgesamt)

and a couple of receipts

1 compartment for coins - easy access

1 compartment for bills - fit in unfolded

Vehicle papers (10,5 x 7,2 cm, 3.9 x 2.8 inches), old driver's license and old identity card also fit

The elastic band can be exchanged

Innovative properties
Tear-proof, waterproof and washable by hand, vegan, extremely light and robust.

Handcraft made in Berlin and the surrounding area
All A&K KOMPAKT wallets are handcrafted. We get the materials from the surrounding area. Each wallet is unique.



A&K TINY card case

You don't need a coin compartment and you don't have a lot of cards? Perhaps the A&K TINY suits you. You start the day uncomplicated, the change loose in your pocket, the A&K TINY well organized with well-chosen cards and bills. A wallet doesn't get any lighter or smaller.

A&K TINY - as big as a credit card
Slim wallet without coin compartment - made in Berlin


Cards wallet and bills
Card case - small, light, extremely thin


Properties A&K TINY

Card case without coin pocket in different colors

10 g/ 0.35 oz light

our smallest and thinnest wallet 
9.0 x 5.8 x 0.5 cm (3.54 x 2.28 x 0.2 inches)

6 - 8 EC cards and 4-5 notes
can also be used as a business card case

small extra compartment
for flat objects

Adaptable for right and left handers
take the flap side forward that is most comfortable for you

Replaceable elastic
The elastic band can be exchanged

Innovative materials n
Tear-proof, waterproof and washable by hand, vegan, extremely light and robust.

Handcraft made in Berlin
All card cases are handmade and we source the materials from the local area. These slim wallets are unique.




THE ORIGINAL of the bag 

Andreas (Mr. ANDERS) had the first draft of the bag sewn on his motorcycle trip through India. The original idea was to be able to carry a CD player in your pocket (yes, that was a while ago ;-)) on your hip while driving so that the CD doesn't jump all the time. Long story short, the vibrations on the motorcycle were still too strong and so the bag was used for passport, keys, small camera and all sorts of odds and ends. Even after the trip, it was worn in many places and often, so that it has now almost fallen apart. That's why we're bringing them out of waxed cotton.
This means that the bag will be reissued - and will no longer be a one-off. The design is the same, for the materials we opted for the water-repellent Oilskin, a cotton webbing and an innovative fastener.


A&K Waxed cotton hip bag


large lid to repel heavy rain for a long time


3 bag colors and 5 belt colors


A&K Shoulder bag with a high-strength magnetic fastener


sufficient for a book, a small bottle, sunglasses and odds and ends


sustainable materials and still water-repellent for a long time



The A&K hip bag and shoulder bag is made of waxed cotton, which is natural and yet water-repellent. The bag can be worn on the belt or on the strap over the shoulder or hip. The webbing has a practical magnetic fastener that closes securely and yet is easy to open. The bag has an inside pocket on the front so that you can better reach and see what is stored there when you wear the bag around your belt or on your hips. The large cover protects the zipper from rain. The bag is available in 2 sizes, namely in 2 liters and 3 liters volume and is therefore sufficient for a small bottle, cell phone, keys, handkerchiefs, sunglasses and odds and ends. The blue and black pockets are lined with a lighter fabric inside so that you can find something more easily.


With our bag, too, we paid particular attention to sustainable materials and local production. The waxed cotton is made in England and was traditionally used there for weatherproof clothing at sea. It is water-repellent without using plastics. We also offer cotton for the webbing because it feels natural and would dissolve by itself over time if our bag were to become obsolete. The bag is sewn in Germany.





A&K SCHLÜSSELKARTE für 1-3 Schlüssel - passend für das A&K MINI

Fits perfectly in the credit card compartment, for 1-3 keys
The key ring completes the A&K MINI wallet. 1-3 keys can be carried with the key card. When you don't need all the keys, e.g. a bike or hiking tour, a walk with or without a dog or when going out in the evening. Small, light and on the go with everything important - that is the idea behind the key card.
Let's go - without a cluttered handbag or trouser pocket.


A&K BLOCKER CARD to protect contactless bank cards

Protects bank and credit cards from being read.
You want to protect your cards and be safe on the go. With the RFID blocker card, the bank cards are protected against unintentional readout.



The elastics on our wallets and the document pouch are interchangeable.



The belt straps are equipped with a high-quality magnetic fastener.




I am totally enthusiastic about the design and the implementation, really fantastic :)
Thanks again for your support !!

I bought my first wallet 2 years ago at the market in Berlin. Is a loyal and very reliable companion to me!

It's really fun to be out and about with the little one - great piece!!!

Hello everyone, this is the nicest wallet I have ever owned. Thanks for the great product! Keeping it minimalistic and yet so much space for everything.

I have it and I am very happy with it.

I am very impressed. Quality and, above all, regionality.

Bought on a market in Berlin in 2019 and has been my loyal companion ever since!

I think the wallet is super practical and I couldn't do without it. Keep it up!

Hello everyone,
I would like to get rid of praise in this way. Yesterday evening I ordered an A&K MINI from you in the online shop. Today, not even 24 hours later, the product was delivered with it.
What a positive experience :-)
The part is awesome. Packaging too.
Thank you for this great start to the day. Keep it up!!!

We are very enthusiastic about your product and have already recommended it to others.

I just wanted to say thank you for your great product. I've had the wallet for almost a year now and I don't want to miss it anymore. It's incredibly handy, small and practical. The quality of the material hasn't decreased a bit.
Thank you very much for your effort!

I bought the mini wallet from you some time ago and I am still completely thrilled. It is simply stylish in terms of design, super comfortable, as well as minimalist. Since I've had it for some time now, I can't say that the quality is really great for a longer period of time.

I just wanted to say thank you for the quick delivery. I have to say that after the short time I am already convinced of your product, especially because I have thought for a long time whether it is the right one for me. In the end it was a gut decision and that's why I'm all the more pleased. It's a completely different direction than what I've always had in small purses. You don't need more.


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