A&K TINY wallet - Discover now: Your compact and smart card case

Welcome to the A&K TINY wallet - your ultimate lightweight card case experience! Our A&K TINY wallet combines clever design, maximum functionality and craftsmanship. With a minimalist yet spacious interior, the card case holds cards, notes and even coins while fitting in any pocket. Discover stylish versatility and efficiency - the A&K TINY card case is more than just a wallet; it's a lifestyle choice.


A&K TINY wallet

Our products are handmade, vegan (no leather) and sustainable. 

Each card case has been made with great attention to detail in Berlin and the surrounding area.

With our A&K TINY card case you will experience the perfect balance between style and functionality.


Why did you choose the A&K TINY card case?

Compact design, maximum functionality: space for cards, notes and coins in a compact case.

Handmade in Berlin and the surrounding area: Quality and precision are our top priorities.

Sustainable and vegan: Environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

Individual design: We offer unique designs and colours for an individual experience.


Enjoy the A&K TINY minimal wallet. Your perfect companion for every bag, every adventure and every day.


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Ersatzgummi für A&K TINY Kartenetui

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A&K TINY Kartenetui mit Münzfach minimalistisches Karten-Portemonnaie mit Platz für Scheine und Münzen

A&K TINY Kartenetui - mini wallet

Klein und extrem dünn: Das A&K TINY Kartenetui ist die perfekte Wahl, we...

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