A&K TINY wallet - Discover now: Your compact and smart card case

Welcome to the A&K TINY wallet - your ultimate lightweight card case experience! Our A&K TINY wallet combines clever design, maximum functionality and craftsmanship. With a minimalist yet spacious interior, the card case holds cards, notes and even coins while fitting in any pocket. Discover stylish versatility and efficiency - the A&K TINY card case is more than just a wallet; it's a lifestyle choice.


A&K TINY wallet

Our products are handmade, vegan (no leather), and sustainable.

Each card case is meticulously crafted with great attention to detail in Berlin and the surrounding area.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our A&K TINY card case.

Why choose the A&K TINY card case?

Compact design, maximum functionality: Offers space for cards, notes, and coins in a compact case.
Handmade in Germany: Quality and precision are our top priorities.
Sustainable and vegan: Produced in an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible manner.
Unique design: We offer a variety of unique designs and colors for a personalized touch.

Enjoy the A&K TINY minimal wallet. Your ideal companion for every bag, adventure, and day.


Ersatzgummi für A&K TINY, in vielen Farben erhältlich

Ersatzgummi für A&K TINY Kartenetui

Das austauschsbare dünne Gummiband für das A&K TINY Kartenetui ist äußer...

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TINY Kartenetui - nicht größer als eine Kreditkarte. Das dünnste und leichteste Portemonnaie.

A&K TINY Kartenetui - mini wallet

Klein, leicht und extrem dünn: Das A&K TINY Kartenetui mit Münzfach ist...

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